Does WFH affect work-family conflict?

Probably not much, but the evidence is very weak.

  • Probably not on average (Allen et al, 2015; Rajendran et al, 2021)
  • Some evidence that benefits kick in only if you WFH more than half the week (Allen et al, 2015)
  • Some evidence that it depends on the type of conflict: more telecommuting reduces work's interference in family, but may increase family's interference in work (Allen et al, 2015)
  • Experience may also matter; WFH benefits are greater the longer you do it (Allen et al, 2015)
  • Boundaries matter: having a separate office helps maintain work-nonwork balance (Allen et al 2020)
  • Most of this research is cross-sectional and doesn't account for why people opt into WFH (Allen et al, 2015)
  • Almost all this work was done pre-Covid, which in a way is more representative of the future since it the lockdown was such a unique context.
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